On a learning curve

I have just realised that today would have been our wedding anniversary if I’d stayed married to my long-divorced ex.  Although I’ve been perfectly happy ever since it does raise a question or two of how different life could have been if we’d stayed married.

I’ve been feeling sad about Helen Bayley who was murdered by the man she thought was her second chance of happiness, only to have been so horribly  deceived.  Thank heavens for all the happy and contented marriages out there which we so often don’t hear about.

My time haas been so taken up with unpacking and sorting out – and I’m still not finished.  The house I’m in now is much smaller than the one I left and has zero storage space.

I have bought industrial shelving, as the cheapest option, to store crates of wool, bags of fabric and various art supplies. These are filling the two spare bedrooms and with them and the as yet unpacked boxes I can hardly get in there.

I brought six dismantled bookcases with me for the downstairs rooms but still have to find some space for more books even though I gave away hundreds, (literally), before I left France.  I keep buying books too, so it’s a problem.

My French house. Not quite derelict when I bought it and subsequently much renovated.

The two I have ordered today are ‘how to’ books on building a blog because, believe me it isn’t as easy as everyone makes out. True, the basics are simple and straightforward but it’s the refinements that are trickier if you want to add a bit of individuality and play around with the appearance.

I’m quite comfortable working  with computers but so much advice relies on one having specialist technical knowledge which is often assumed.  It’s as if they are saying, “Oh right. You are daring to attempt something here so you must be practically an expert.”  Someone will say, “Do this”,  without explaining what “this” is, what it does, how to do it, or pointing the direction to a clear step by step explanation in words of one syllable.  Hence the two new book orders.

I’ll be back when I’ve learned a bit more.