About me

Hello and welcome.  Make yourself comfortable and share some time with me.

The name Katactivity, (nothing to do with cats), came about because I have eclectic interests, always have some sort of activity on the go, and I am known as Kate, Kathy or Kathleen depending on whereabouts in the country I am and I expect Kat will be added here.  (Kathleen is my Sunday Best name only used by family or officials.) I did think of calling the blog KKK but then realised that that would give totally the wrong impression!

My main activities however are primarily craft based – knitting, crochet, sewing, but with the addition of reading, gardening, baking and up till recently DIY.  Colour is very important to me.

Actually it would be easier to say what I’m not interested in because I will have a go at anything – especially in the craft field.  I have tried many and there are many more on my list to try.

Having moved from France after eleven years I am now on the Welsh English borders and very happy to be back.