I finished my cardigan, sewed it up, (am I the only person in the yarny world who doesn’t mind sewing up?), and all it needs is six black or grey buttons.  Now I know I have buttons – masses of them, but a year after moving house I still haven’t organised everything and where were they?  Hmmm.

I am someone who starts a job, which part way through throws up another job so I start on that, and part way through another job crops up, and part way…… Well, you get the picture.

Right, so I found a box full of loose buttons fairly quickly.  Consternation – the collections of buttons I knew I’d already strung together weren’t there in the box, and I knew I’d strung the black larger ones.

No problem.  There are bound to be six black or grey lurking in this pile of loose buttons.  So I started sifting through them sorting as I went.  Fatal move! Sorting buttons is quite addictive. So I sorted, and sorted, and sorted.  Blue, green, yellow, glass, metal, wood, and so on.

A friend arrived, walked into the sitting room and exclaimed, “Ooh!  Buttons!”  So while I made the tea she started sorting, and sorting.  I said it is addictive!

So although I now have a pile of roughly sorted buttons I didn’t find the six I need. After a quick unsuccessful search for the rest I reluctantly continued with other demands.


Three days and eight charity bags later I was looking for some photos, which I didn’t find, but I found the rest of the buttons.  Isn’t life wonderful?


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