Slipping back again..

I was determined that I was going to post at least once a month until I’m organised enough to write more often and here we are – I missed last month.  I’ve been busy it seems but just where does time disappear to? I have been reading more than usual and I have managed to resume the decluttering, though in short spells till I start to ache.  The shoulder isn’t at full function yet.  Hospital and physio visits are finished which is a relief.

I have been concentrating on my quest to cut down on possessions and have been brutal in my resolution to discard as much as possible.  The industrial shelves I put up in two of the bedrooms when I moved in to combat the lack of storage are ugly – fine in a garage or shed – and I want to drastically cull them and replace with wooden bookshelves to hold yarn and fabric stashes. I have STASHES.  Those I will keep.

Why can’t I bring myself to acknowledge that if I haven’t used something for 5? 10? more? years then I won’t miss it if I just dump it at the tip? It’s my upbringing.  My mother was a hoarder and a waste not, want not, advocate.  I’ve been trained.  It’s hard to shut the eyes and ears and ignore such deep-seated inculcation.

I have masses of old/too small/new but I won’t wear them, tee-shirts which I kept in order to re-use the fabric but I doubt I will. No problem for them – the bulk will go to Ebay or the charity shop and what they don’t want will go to the rag man but I won’t know so I won’t grieve.  There are actually three more piles behind the two that are visible.  Definitely time to get some sense.



I’ve decided that I have enough new fabric to do what I need to.  I find I wear the same things over and over again so I don’t need multiple similar items – I have things in my wardrobe that I’ve hardly worn.  So – don’t need them.  I’m hoping that I’m with possessions as I am with money.  Whether it’s a dear purchase or a cheap one once it’s bought I don’t think of the expenditure again.  My uncle was remarkable.  Even after a week or so he could tell you what my aunt paid for onions in the market.  Me, once I’m home I have no idea unless it was a big spend.  Even then it is soon forgotten.  Once it’s spent, it’s spent.  Plenty of more interesting things to fill the brain cavities.  Possessions – once they’re gone they’re gone, I hope.

I’m knitting.  Just started the last sleeve.  The yarn is very slow to work however. It is a cotton blend but as it is rather fluffy the fluff tangles and catches making the purl stitches in particular slow going meaning that every stitch has to be held back with the forefinger as the worked stitch is slid off the needle.  I have quite a lot more too so I’m thinking of the next garment in garter stitch.  It’s a bumpy tweedy yarn so I think it will look fine and it’s beautifully soft.

grey fluffy yarn


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