A little activity

I have been seething away in deep frustration so, having tried a little while ago to knit and not succeeding, I decided that now I should try again, and what do you know?  I can knit!!

I don’t have any wips and hadn’t decided what I was going to do next so I started a small project I’ve had lying around for quite a while because I’m going crazy and have to do something.  It had to be small because I knew I can’t support or manipulate any bulk yet and the only woolly things I have planned are jumpers and cardigans.

The project is a toy kit free gift  from a magazine and finally I’m managing to knit, for a few minutes at a time and very slowly, and would be able to crochet if I could decide what to do.

It’s not proving entirely satisfactory because the yarn provided is rather nasty cheap acrylic with some violent colours I wouldn’t normally choose. They are actually more vibrant than the photo shows.  Lime green is one of my least favourite colours ever, along with magenta.


However, I’m knitting – hooray!  I’ve decided that next I will use a single skein of Aran weight yarn in a lovely soft grey and make a cushion cover.  I’m gradually re-covering all of my cushions but usually sewing them so a knitted one will be a change.  I’m being strong-minded though, (unusually!), and am going to finish these little toys first although I have no idea what I’m going to do with them.  Nearly done.


Also I’ve just realised that as the wool for the cushion cover is in a hank I will have to wind it.  I could possibly find the swift and ball winder but will I be able to lift boxes and rummage, even if I can reach the shelves? No problem – if needs be I will lay the hank on the floor and wind carefully and patiently.  I have oodles of patience.

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