Had enough now

So what can we do when tearing hair out and at screaming point with frustration?  It’s now coming up to eight weeks since I broke my shoulder.  The consultant tells me that the breaks are healing well.  I am going to physio and doing the exercises but the consultant also told me that I will never be able to lift that arm above my head and it will take eighteen months to get back the optimum use.  How am I going to put jumpers on?  I don’t want to knit all of my jumpers with buttons down the front.

However, I can do much more with it albeit punctuated by cries of “ow!” as I forget the limit of movement.  Typing with one hand is tiring and I still have a solid black bruise from shoulder to elbow.  I realise that I obviously tore muscles, ligaments and whatever else is lurking under the skin but I fully expected the bruise to be technicolour green and yellow by now.  Sigh.

In the midst of all this I had a birthday.  My birthdays in France were somewhat non-events as my trips to the UK were always spring or autumn but this last one was very enjoyable apart from a dental appointment in the morning.

Zoë, my goddaughter and Eva her daughter, Daniel my godson and my friend Isabelle, their mother,  came to visit and Zoë brought a meal she’d prepared plus a cake with strawberries and cream she baked.  She’s a brilliant cook.  The kitchen was immaculate when she’d finished too – no sign of a meal for five having been prepared and eaten.  I loved every minute.  (Not the dentist, obviously!)

Flowers brought by Zoë.




They did a wonderful job of cheering me up over quite a few days.




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