I suppose I’m getting there….

Less than a month, (but only just), since the last post!  A small improvement but hey – it’s progress.


The shelves are now much better placed than they were and the chests and fold-up bed fit nicely into the alcove which gives a little more lengthwise space for when the bed is down.


Although the room is looking chaotic everything is actually much more organised into piles for charity, to sell, to alter, to upcycle and thereby use fabric which is too good to part with.  It’s amazing how much fabric there is in an unpicked denim skirt.

sorting piles 001

However, I’m heading off to France in a few days so I will leave the blitz till I get back. I need to sort out  travel insurance, breakdown cover and car documents.  I never bothered when I lived there as breakdown was included with car insurance and I’d be covered by the NHS for anything else.  I toyed with not bothering but it would be Sod’s Law that I’d regret it so I must check details.

Apart from visiting friends I’m looking forward to seeing what the new owners have done to my house.  They were planning to make some interesting changes as well as putting a conservatory on the front.  At the same time as they bought mine they bought a strip of land adjoining mine making the garden twice the size and a much better shape.

I did a complete renovation when I bought the house as it was in very bad shape and I promised them a set of before and after photos so that is something I must do right now.

It really will be a month before the next post.

2 thoughts on “I suppose I’m getting there….

    1. Hah! I’m just trying to decide what to take. I can’t take the WIP as it’s a king sized bedspread so I need to start something new and uncomplicated.
      I’ve been known to be beeped at impatiently in the queue for the car ferry when concentrating on sweater knitting so I think crochet. If needs be it can be flung down without suffering. A start on Christmas scarves I think.


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